Hi all friends of MoonBots and competing teams!

We have spent the weekend deliberating on the 25 finalist teams, and it has been HARD!

We have to say it has been amazing to see the level of creativity, imagination and hard, hard work and research that all the teams have put into making their videos - and then having spent time getting people to view and comment on their video!

Judging is still happening!

Hi all friends of MoonBots and the teams competing in this challenge!
We are still working on finding the 25 finalists in Phase One, but we are getting close! We now have a gross list that we are working from and hope to share the results with you all soon!

It will happen soon! Stay tuned!

The MoonBots admins

Time's Up!

Hi all MoonBots teams!

Let the judging begin!
We have now passed the deadline for submitting the team videos - and have our work cut out for us!

We are impressed by the number of videos [and teams] and look forward to see the creativity, hard work and imagination you all have put into it!

More updates to come!

Best regards,

The MoonBots admins

Counting down!

Hi all MoonBots teams!

There is about 15 1/2 hours until the deadline at midnight Pacific Time! We can see that the videos are pouring in and the testimonials are being filled out. That is awesome!

We are looking forward to go through all of them and start judging all your amazing and creative contributions!

NOTE: Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about your team account, consent forms, team video and testimonial. We can be reached via moonbotsinfo@gmail.com.

UPDATE: Deadline for submission of the Phase One video and testimonial

To all teams:

We know that you are hard at work with creating and preparing your video and quote for uploading the video to YouTube and we just want to remind you of the following:

- the video should not be longer than 3 minutes. Overshooting by a second or two can be accepted but ONLY if you tell us first (moonbotsinfo@gmail.com).


Hi all Team Captains,

we are still checking all the team accounts, and still find some mistakes. The more common ones are:

- all consent forms are missing.
- one or two consent forms are missing.
- the consent form is not filled out correctly. It either has the wrong date or miss the signature from the parent/guardian.
- a team logo has not been uploaded.

NOTE: Your team's consent forms might have been filled out and signed - and submitted electronically - but if they are not visible in your team's account we cannot process the team as registered.


Right now we are really busy with checking all the many, many teams that have registered!

There are some teams that are missing their consent forms, so we urge you to check up on your team accounts to see if the forms are in.

If your forms are missing in the account does not mean that your team is disqualified - we will allow for it to be corrected today, Monday 19 May.

Contact moonbotsinfo@gmail.com if you have issues with doing the uploading. We will keep you informed if the deadline gets extended.


Hi all MoonBots challengers!

We are only one day away from the end of the registration period, and we are reviewing all team registrations as they come in. Please note that your team will not get a confirmation email - as it has been stated - but all teams are being reviewed right now.

One important thing missing from many teams is a Team Logo. Please upload your team's logo as soon as possible. Good luck with the competition!


The MoonBots administrator


To all teams who have registered, is working on registration - or are thinking about registering:

We are getting close to having 200 teams registered and that is amazing! So far, 18 countries is represented from all over the globe.
The deadline is in two days - on May 15 at midnight Pacific Time, and we are sure more teams will join the competition!

Remember to fulfil all the registration requirements: having the team account set up, sending in your consent forms and uploading a team logo.

Where to find the logo for the Phase One video

Hi all competing teams!

The MoonBots logo that is required in your video in Phase One can be found here on the website. Look under Downloads - Images and you will find it there.

Good luck with it!

The MoonBots admins