2014 MoonBots Winning Team – The Incredibots, in Hawai’i

The Google Lunar XPRIZE joined winning MoonBots team, The Incredibots, in Hawai’i for some extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime lunar simulated mission activities on top of a volcano at Mauna Kea, as well as some A’ole (‘Fun’ in Hawaiian) activities hosted by PISCES (Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems).

MoonBots partner Rotacaster has an offer for you

Our MoonBots partner in Australia, Rotacaster is having a sale on their website with a 15% discount on the Rotacaster Omniwheels that fits both VEX and LEGO MINDSTORMS robots. You can find their website via www.rotacaster.com.au

Use the discount code: RoboticsXmas to get the discount. The sale ends 19 December 2014.

Good luck with building robots out there!

The MoonBots team

Team MegaBotVotu teaches robotics to socially vulnerable children

This is truly awesome! We have received these pictures and text from MoonBots 2014 team MegaBotVotu from Brazil:

Dear MoonBots.
We donated all material we received from you to a charity (Frei Arnaldo Home) that cares for socially vulnerable children.
Three of our students will teach them to work with Robotics!
All of us together can change the world!!

Best Regards,

Ricardo Conde
Coach MegaBotVotu Team

FINALLY! The Announcement of the Winners!

The Google Lunar XPRIZE Announces Winners of the 2014 MoonBots Challenge
August 28, 2014

The Google Lunar XPRIZE announced today the winners of the 2014 MoonBots: A Google Lunar XPRIZE LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Challenge. The competition, which aims to promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, challenges teams of students ages 9 to 17 to design, program and build robots that simulate lunar missions mirroring the $30M Google Lunar XPRIZE, an international competition for privately funded teams to build a rover to land on and explore the Moon’s surface.

Timing for the announcement

The timing for the announcement of the winners is 12.00PM (noon) Pacific Time tomorrow Thursday 28 August.

The MoonBots admins

UPDATE: Announcement of the winners - this week

Dear MoonBots Phase Two teams, all friends of MoonBots,

the announcement of the winners is now scheduled for Thursday 28 August 2014. Please stay tuned!

Thank you for your patience.

The MoonBots admins

UPDATE: Winners will be announced next week

The announcement of the winners of this year's MoonBots Challenge will take place on Tuesday 26 August 2014.

It will be published on this page, Facebook, Twitter and many other places.

The winners will be contacted on the day of the announcement.

Best regards,
The MoonBots admins

Update: The final, final judging is still in progress!

We will be announcing the winners of the 2014 MoonBots competition very soon. Please stay tuned - and patient!

The MoonBots admins

Phase Two Deadline!

To all Phase Two teams,

the deadline for submitting your link to your required Phase Two video (summarizing your outreach) and 5 photos here on the MoonBots website is tonight at midnight (Pacific Time), August 1.

You are also required to submit a PDF-file with a description of your gameplay and mission, in order for the judges to review your mission during the scheduled live webcasts.

Please contact us via moonbotsinfo@gmail.com if you have any questions or issues regarding the above.

Phase Two video sessions

Hi all Phase Two teams,

to facilitate the organisation of the time slots for your live video sessions with the judge we have set up this Google calendar:


Click on the link to find out when and where there is a slot available, and put in your team name.

Do ask if you have any problems with accessing the calendar.